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My recruiting passion came to me while I was still in high school as a clerk for an OJT office within the Navy, Marines, and Army Recruiting post. I listened intently to all three of the Recruiters, and really at that time, believed I was way too young to understand the full magnitude of their jobs. I think back now and remember how the Navy, Marines and Army were struggling to make quotas at the time, and how hard they were 'working it' to get young men and women to sign. I remember their 'pitch' to the parents and how hard that must have been back then to get them enlisted. Of course, the young candidates didn't know that each of those recruiters had a benchmark and quota to meet. They were cold calling, sending out mailers (I was actually doing that), presenting at the schools, but then if we had a walk-in; it was like that person was Gold! The very basic of recruiting is the story they all told, and that was how they got where they were then. Each recruiter would have their own story and share it with that young person that came in to "just see about it." It was fascinating to hear them over and over, then if they had to really push hard for a signature; they would somehow go with the traditional, "for the love of country and human kind..." and by the end of their ceremony of speech, they would almost always get their guy or gal.
I had no idea at the time that this was teaching me the lessons of recruiting! That was many years ago, and I carry with me that same passion today if not greater actually. I believe that this is what it takes to be a successful recruiter in any industry.



Together we are working to make your career dream job a reality!


Laura Esparza

Relocation Specialist 

I specialize in assisting candidate buyers and sellers in your area, or the area  you may be considering relocating to. My website contains ALL listings from ALL Real Estate Agents, there's no need to look anywhere else for your next home.

  • All the latest listings available.

  • Large Photos, Home Tours & Maps including Google® Street View.

  • Notification of New Listings and Price Changes.

  • Free to use. I respect your privacy.

  • I'm here to help if you need me.


Please feel free to explore the website and if you have any questions, would like to see a home in person or to discuss your home's value, please send email directly to


MaggieMay Warren

Director of Business Operations

A little bit about me and how I became part of the squad in RecruitingWebb. I have been a recruiting medical expert for 15 years for law firms for both defense and plaintiff. The knowledge and skills I have acquired over the years has given me a leg up when working on a specific project for a large account or a client needing one physician for a one off case. I work with physician experts all over the country, all specialties, all board certified, and all practicing. I screen each physician before moving forward on your case. I am knowledgeable in the different state statues and fee schedules. If you need a physician expert in East Cup Cake, I am your gal. If you need a panel built, I am also your gal.

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