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Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant 


Kotzebue, Alaska




Medical Staff

About the Role

In this setting, the incumbent is expected to resolve the immediate health problem or to refer the patient to a physician where appropriate, after initiation of needed therapeutic modalities and diagnosis tests and eliciting pertinent physical findings.  Provides routine and emergency ambulatory and preventive care services during regularly scheduled hours in cooperation with other medical practitioners.

Minimum Requirements

Holds a current Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner licensure.  Knowledge and ability to effectively perform the above duties.  Knowledge of child and adolescent growth and development plus psychologic and emotional needs of adults. Able to work within the framework of established guidelines, which include standing orders.  However, guidelines are not completely applicable to every situation likely to be encountered. Must be able to use judgement in interpreting and, with some patient conditions, adapting guidelines; to determine which patient conditions can be treated independently and which must be referred; and in assessment of patients, initiating treatment programs, evaluating the effectiveness of care, and modifying treatment with appropriate intervention.

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