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About Maniilaq Careers


Maniilaq Health Center is a modern, 17-bed facility serving Kotzebue and 11 surrounding villages with Tribal, Health and Social Services. Maniilaq Health Center is a great place both for those finishing residency and looking for a place to start their medical career and for experienced physicians who enjoy the rewards of traditional primary care.

We use telemedicine to provide daily medical care to 11 outlying villages. With no roads between our communities, providers have the opportunity to fly to their assigned villages for regularly scheduled field clinics.

Specialty consultations are available by telephone 24/7 through Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage, which also provides medical providers for our Specialty Field Clinics in Kotzebue. Our ER and OB call are shared.

Life in Kotzebue Alaska

Not only will you have a rewarding, meaningful and varied employment experience, you will live above the Arctic Circle. You will have an opportunity to discover Inupiat culture and experience life on the tundra. Summer’s midnight sun brings long daylight hours for boating, picnics on the beach, bird watching and picking berries.  Winter in Northwest Alaska brings plenty of snow with abundant opportunities for snowmobiling, hunting, dog mushing and ice fishing.

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